Gary Hamaguchi


Jodie Bell

Production company / school / institution

Ramu Productions


An exploration of the priceless environment of Roebuck Bay, Western Australia – the traditional lands of the Yawuru people – now under threat on many fronts. The immense bay is home to dugong and turtles, myriads of migrating birds and countless shellfish. It’s also been the food bowl for generations and generations of the Yawuru people. From the intertidal zone to the sweeping sands, it’s a complex chain of survival for the saltwater animals and plants. The seagrass on which much of this diverse ecosystem relies is a bio indicator of the state of the environment. Today, the seagrass is disappearing at an astonishing rate and the local community is doing all it can to monitor the worrying trend and raise awareness. The necessity for science and cultural knowledge to unite and save this special place is at the forefront of Gary Hamaguchi’s visually sumptuous documentary.

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