Audience Choice

These audience choice awards offer students, teachers and other interested individuals from all over the world a chance to view and vote for their favourite finalist productions in all the student categories from the 2019 SAE ATOM Awards.

We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to vote, so please tell your friends and classmates/colleagues! All you need to vote is a valid email address.

Winners will receive prize packs including DVDs and other treats.

Audience choice voting is currently open for the following categories:

Note that you may only vote once per category, so make sure you’ve viewed all the entries in a category before voting for your favourite. Once you’ve confirmed a vote, it cannot be changed or revoked.

Voting for these categories will be open until midday AEST, Tuesday 28 April.

Note to Teachers

The finalist productions below represent some of the best student entries received for the 2019 SAE ATOM Awards. We hope they will entertain, educate and inspire your students. Viewing and voting as a class or group activity can stimulate discussion and debate across a range of topics including narrative and production values; democracy, voting and popularity; objectivity versus subjectivity; plus a wealth of additional topics relating to each specific production.

As some content may not be suitable for younger viewers, we recommend you preview all the productions below before inviting your students to participate.

The 2020 ATOM Awards recognise film and media excellence across nearly forty diverse categories, including nine categories specifically for primary and secondary students. If you (or your friends, family or students) are thinking of entering, now is the time! Entries are currently open and will close at midday AEST on Friday 29 May.